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This page contains links to various websites of interest.


3D Graph

University of Ottawa - The webpage of the university from which I graduated
Dr. Petriu's webpage - The webpage of my 4th year project's teacher
Dr. Payeur's webpage - The webpage of my Robotics teacher



Robix Rascal - A robotic manipulator kit
Altera UP-2 Kits - An FPGA kit
Linx HP-II Master Kit - A wireless communication kit
Microchip's PIC Starter Kit - A programmer for the PIC Flash serie of microcontrollers
Microchip's PIC12F765 - The information regarding the PIC12F765 microcontroller


UML diagrams

Damnation - A mod for the Unreal Tournament 2004 game
Tactical-Ops - A first-person shooter game
iRATE Radio - A collaborative filtering system for free music
Tactical-Ops: Single Player - A free single-player mission pack for the Tactical-Ops game
Eclipse Platform - A Java-based IDE
CDT Eclipse Plugin - A C/C++ plugin for the Eclipse Platform

Last updated on February 15, 2005
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