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Morpheus REM monitor

< Morpheus REM Monitor

The Morpheus REM Monitor is a device designed to monitor a sleeping person's REM patterns. It is powered by a PIC16F676 RISC micro controller programmed in assembler. Using an infrared LED and an infrared transistor, Morpheus can detect the eye movements of a sleeping person and record the data on the micro controller's onboard EEPROM. Visual or auditory signals can also be generated when REM is detected in order to induce lucid dreaming. More information...

Project status: In progress

Xbox Remote Add-on

Xbox Remote Add-on >

The Xbox Remote Add-on is a hardware modification that I designed to add power-up and power-down functionalities to the standard Xbox remote control. For this project I used a PIC12F675 RISC microcontroller programmed in assembler to receive and decode the IR signals and take the proper actions once the correct signal was received. More information...

Project status: Completed, January 2005

Damnation: Hell Breaks Loose

< Damnation: Hell Breaks Loose

Damnation: Hell Breaks Loose is a modification for the popular Unreal Tournament 2004 game. In the beginning of 2004, Blue Omega decided to put together a team that would create a modification for Unreal Tournament and have it enter the Make Something Unreal Contest. Damnation was the result of that effort. My job was to develop software, in UnrealScript, that would conform to the guidelines set by Blue Omega for the modification. Thorough the project, I worked on the game's GUI, saving system, weapons and camera system. Damnation won 6th place in the 'Best Non-FPS' category during the Phase 4 of the contest. In the contest's Grand Finals, Damnation won 2nd place in 'Best Mods' category and 5th place in the 'Best Non-Interactive Movie' category. More information...

Project status: Completed, December 2004

YARE robot and VHDL diagrams

YARE Automaton for Revealing Exits >

YARE is the name given to the result of my fourth year university project. Designed in group of 6, YARE consisted of a robot that would navigate a maze and find the exit. After communicating its data wirelessly to a base station, a Java program would then analyze the recorded data and calculate the shortest path through the maze. The computer could then control the robot and have it follow the shortest path. In this project, I developed software in VHDL for the robot as well as software in Java for the base station. More information...

Project status: Completed, December 2003

Tactical-Ops: Single Player

< Tactical-Ops

Tactical-ops is the game to which I contributed. Starting as a modification for the popular Unreal Tournament game, Tactical-ops evolved to a full-blown retail game. Ironically, modifications are now available for Tactical-ops, which include my Tactical-ops: Single Player add-on. For this project, I used the UnrealED map-editing program to create levels. I also used Microsoft Visual C++ to write the software, although the code was actually written in UnrealScript rather than in C (a separate compiler was used.) More information...

Project status: Completed, July 2003

Robotic Manipulator and MATLAB code

Robotic Manipulator >

Another university project to which I took part involved the control of a robotic manipulator. While controlling a robotic arm can seem simple, the complexity of the implementation increases exponentially with each degree of freedom, or articulations, that the robot has. The control algorithm for this robotic arm was developed in group of two and allowed the arm to pickup objects. To increase the complexity of the project, a camera was used to take a picture of the workplace and further code was written to have the robot automatically locate and pickup an object. Code written for this project was done exclusively in MATLAB because of the highly mathematical nature of the work. More information...

Project status: Completed, December 2003

Waveforms and Java Code

< iRATE Radio

iRATE Radio is an open source project used to distribute free, legal music. iRATE works by having its users rate the music that is sent to them. Based on these ratings and the ratings of other people, iRATE determines what music you would like to receive. My contributions to this project include a plug-in used to notify the user when an unrated track is playing and the complete French translation of the client. Programming for this project is done entirely in Java using tools such as the Eclipse platform, Ant and GCJ. More information...

Project status: Completed, July 2004

NewRio500 Interface

NewRio500 >

NewRio500 is a project I started to familiarize myself with glib/gtk+ programming under linux. It is a front-end for tools used to interface with my aging Rio500 MP3 player. Being used in this project is the Eclipse development platform, the GTK+ and GLib 2.4 libraries and the librio500_api interface. More information...

Project status: Cancelled, December 2004

Waveforms and Java Code

< Misc Projects

This section of my website contains projects too small to warrant a page of their own. It is used mostly as a stow-it-all for files related to said projects. More information...

Project status: N/A

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