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What is this section used for?

In this section, you will find small projects on which I have worked. Those projects are too small to warrant a page of their own but still deserve a place on this website.

File Mover

Requirements & Design

Screenshot of FileMover used to sort comic books

The File Mover application is a small program that I wrote for a friend of mine. He needed a simple way of organasing his 10000+ files comic book collection. A program that automatically grouped similar files would fit this need perfectly.

First I put together an interface allowing the user to load the content of a folder and manipulate the list of files. This allowed the user to build file lists, for instance all files containing the word 'Hikaru'. Following this was the addition of functions to group selected files in a folder, or to merge folders together.

However doing this sort manually on thousands of file would be quite bothersome. Since most files were in the format TITLE-NUMBER.jpg, it was easy to write a function that would detect which files should go together, automatically create a folder for them and move them there. This feature took the name 'Intelligent File Sort', and is the single feature that makes this program great.

Additionnal Documents

Java client code (version 0.2): source (.java) - runtime (.jar, windows only)

Last updated on September 22, 2005
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